Leisure Artist is a home based business created after the retirement of its principals: Irene and Keith Au. After their retirement in 2018, they have dedicated their time in their hobbies – mainly art related.

Irene has years of experience in Chinese painting. About four years ago (2016), she picked up a new hobby in pottery and ceramic art creation. Everyday she enjoys hours of her time in a Markham, Ontario pottery studio creating ceramic wares of various shapes. What more self-satisfying is the time she immerses in enhancing and beautifying these wares through her creative drawings and paintings. She makes up new combination of colours and types of clay without limit.

Over the few years of pottery work, Irene has accumulated a small quantity of ceramic artwork and items that are practical for daily use, such as pots, bowls, flower pots, berry bowls, etc. Hence the idea of sharing these items with friends or enthurisasts arose. We have started participating in farmers’ markets, Canadian art shows, etc. Besides of sharing our creation with ceramic lovers, we also enjoyed the opportunities of talking with other people in these shows.

All items created by Leisure Artist are one-of-a-kind. All source material (such as clay, glazing, colouring) are safe for food handling, and safe for processing in microwave oven and dish washer.