Irene Pottery Art

Welcome to Irene Pottery Art

Irene is an artist at leisure. She enjoys painting and making pottery wares. Irene started her new hobby of ceramic ware creation since 2015. She enhances her creation by adding beautiful drawings on them. With lots of leisure time on hand, Irene creates many different types of ceramic wares, such as pots, plates, cups, bowls, dolls and tiles with painting.

They are all one-of-a kind creation. They are designed for daily use, with a touch of artistic class. With so many pottery products created and saved in the basement, Irene’s recently retired husband, Keith, has decided to help her share her creations to those who appreciate her work. On this website, you will enjoy seeing her art creations in the four Gallery pages.

If you are interested to own any of the listed products, please contact us through the provided email address on the “Contact” page.

All products are food-safe, and ready for cleaning in dishwasher or heated in microwave oven.